Bonnie Butler Coaching

Empowering Foster & Adoptive Parents: Restoring Confidence Together

Being a foster or adoptive parent comes with unique challenges, from navigating complex emotions to supporting children through trauma.

My life coaching for foster and adoptive parents centers on self-care, coping strategies, and tailored approaches to manage trauma-induced challenges. Together we will focus on rekindling emotional resilience, setting boundaries, and fostering a supportive environment for both parents and children.

About Me

I’m Bonnie - I’ve been where you are!

As a mother of four my journey into foster parenting transformed my life. Fostering 11 children over three years while fielding 7 calls to adopt different sibling groups taught me a lot. Then came the eighth call – a call that would dramatically change my life. Six children joined our family due to that call. I was full of excitement, confidence, and hope. One year later the excitement, confidence, and hope were replaced with uncertainty and insecurity. I walked through valleys of sorrow and climbed mountains of joy with my children, as well as everything in between. There were times when I questioned what I was doing and why I was doing it. Many times I felt lost and alone. Then I found hope through personal development and coaching. Coaching became my beacon. It reshaped how I navigated challenges and interacted with the people around me. .Now a grandparent, I guide others on their fostering and adoption odyssey, offering hope amidst the uncertainties. If you’re questioning your path in foster or adoptive parenting, I can help you uncover your purpose and restore your confidence.

Work with me

Let’s rebuild your confidence together!

With decades of parenting experience going from valleys to peaks I can help you in rediscovering your ‘why’ as a foster/adoptive parent. Work with me and find renewed hope and confidence in your journey. 


Real Clients

Bonnie has been an invaluable resource to me! She has helped me to reframe the way I think and opened my eyes to be able to feel more peace about difficult situations. The things I have learned from Bonnie have been empowering to me! They are helping me shift the way I think in a positive way! I’m almost 50 and I wish I had known the principles she taught me 40 years ago! I look forward to our video calls and I know her experience and wisdom will be a blessing to me no matter what is going on in my life. I highly recommend Bonnie as a coach

Margaret H.

Bonnie really helped me through some key pain points. She was very insightful and really helped me to jumpstart the thought work I needed to do in those areas. I am so grateful for her help

Wendi H.

 I have had the pleasure of coaching with Bonnie on multiple occasions, and I can’t recommend her enough. When I first started working with Bonnie, I was struggling with various personal and professional issues. Bonnie helped me develop concrete strategies to manage my concerns. Thanks to Bonnie’s guidance, I’ve been able to make significant progress in both areas. One of the things that stands out about Bonnie is her coaching style. She has a way of infusing each session with positive energy while still creating a safe and supportive environment. She listens deeply and asks insightful questions. 
Bonnie is an incredibly skilled coach who truly cares about her clients.

Tracey C.

Ready to step into a better future?

Boost Your Confidence Now. Emotional hygiene, overlooked in education, is vital. As a certified life coach, I offer tools that transformed my life and bolstered confidence. Let’s empower your journey together.
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